[ Step one, Preparation Before Production ]


Confirm Raw Material / Quantity / Tolerance / 3D File / 2D Drawing / 

Surface Treatment / Special Requirement / Lead time/EAU


[ Step two, Prepare Raw Materials ]


(1) Without Raw Materials→ raw materials are provided by customers


(2) With Raw Materials→ E-CHI Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. provided


[ Step three, Production Preparation ]


Calibrate the machine and prepare the turning tool


[ Step four, Start Production ]


Started production and contacted with the customers to 

confirm the sample making is meet the mass production spec.


[ Step five, Quality Management ]


The machine operator conducts random inspections for quality assurance

When encountering the need for product accuracy, each piece of sample is inspected.


[ Step six. Exception Handling ]


When the machine is abnormal or the production is abnormal, 

the operator reports back in time, and the engineer resolves the abnormality as soon as possible.


[ Step seven, Complete & Delivery ]


Ship in time, customer satisfaction is the top priority

Processing Product

    All Kinds of Flanges

    All Kinds of Precision Spindles

    All Kinds of Mechanical Parts

    All Kinds of Car/Motorcycle Parts

    All Kinds of Medical Equipment Parts


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